Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: co-op tips to win on Nvidia Shield

If you intend to play the brand new SHIELD Android TV edition of Borderlands:The Pre-Sequel, you should be made aware that when played solo, it can be a punishingly difficult experience. This is especially true if you are mad enough to try the highest difficulty setting called Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. But it’s a different story if you and a bunch of friends play cooperatively. The new Android version of the game is available only on SHIELD Android TV and features visuals, effects and action that look and play great on the Tegra X1 powered platform. Here are a few pointers on how to make the most of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’s co-op mode.

Warning: The following guide contains some spoilers.

Getting Started in Co-Op

Players are able to join another player’s game and will essentially be participating in that host player’s story campaign. Accordingly, the level of the enemies in the game will be tailored to the host. Obviously this means that if your character is of a lower level than the host, you will have a harder time defeating enemies. The important thing to remember though is that the advantages of cooperating far outweigh the difficulties and it’s a great way of levelling up weaker players.

Borderlands TPS Characters

Character Classes

There are four distinct characters in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to choose from each with a different skill set.


Class: Lawbringer

Special ability: Showdown

Nisha’s ability, when triggered, causes all shooting to auto-target enemies and the firing rate is dramatically increased. As she progresses up her skill tree she can also wield dual pistols.


Class: Enforcer

Special ability: Wolf and Saint

Wolf and Saint are actually drones that accompany Wilhelm and help him in battle. Wolf is autonomous and goes off taking pot-shots at the bad guys. Saint, on the other hand, stays at Wilhelm’s side and replenishes his shield and health if needed. Wilhelm’s skill tree enables him to enhance the drones’ capabilities or, alternatively apply cybernetic upgrades to himself.


Class: Gladiator

Special ability: Kinetic Apsis

The Kinetic Apsis is an incredibly useful tool that first temporarily absorbs the damage of enemies’ attacks and can then be thrown at an enemy as an offensive weapon delivering the stored damage to that enemy. Her skill tree enables her to additionally heal other players.


Class: Fragtrap

Special ability: Vaulthunter.exe

This robot character is kind of hard to explain, as is his special ability. When activated it gives Claptrap a random load-up of weapons and abilities and can even bestow temporary buffs on other players. For example, Torgue Fiesta causes Claptrap and the other players to temporarily throw a barrage of grenades at their opponents without actually using up any of their own grenades.

Tips & Tricks for Co-Op Play

Teamwork - Over the course of a single-player campaign, there are some pretty hefty challenges to deal with, particularly when it comes to boss fights. In co-op mode, however, things are considerably more manageable. Always bear in mind that this is a team effort and allow underpowered characters a greater share of the loot. Sure you can just grab it for yourself, but don’t underestimate the value of a well-equipped and evenly balanced team. One word of warning. Be wary of using Claptrap unless you know the possible consequences. His random Vaulthunter.exe ability is a powerful tool but it can also have negative effects on team members.

Game progression – Remember, if all the participants are at the same stage in their single-player campaign then progress in co-op will be saved for all players. Otherwise, it’s only the player who is furthest along in the single-player game who will have his progress saved. In other words, you can’t skip levels in your single-player game just by piggy-backing a player who has gotten further than you. What you can do though, is specifically join a game taking place on later levels so you can familiarize yourself with them and then use that knowledge back in the single-player game.

Duplicate weapons – This is a neat little trick that’s only possible in co-op. First you need to save your game. Then, hand over the weapon you want to gift to your friend and then exit without saving. Your friend can then save his game, thereby keeping that weapon and your inventory will be unaffected because you didn’t save after giving them the weapon.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is now available to download on SHIELD Android TV via Google Play for $14.99.

By Andy Dyer

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