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​BIG is best: introducing the Philips 40” 4K UHD monitor

Philips monitor 1

This is what 4K resolutions were invented for—a top quality VA LED 40" display from Philips that delivers crisp detail and deep colour across a beautiful, expansive screen. Perfect for detailed design work, the Philips BDM4065UC also makes a remarkable centrepiece for a monstrous gaming setup. See your games at a size and clarity you've never experienced before.

A number of key technologies power the UltraClear UHD display. The high-performance panel makes use of high-bandwidth HDMI, DisplayPort and Dual Link DVI cabling, and Philips' vertical alignment technology ensures extra vivid images. The display is enhanced further by Philips' SmartImage technology, which dynamically adjusts your display to meet the content you're viewing, whether that's you're watching movies or playing a round of Counter-Strike.

Look beyond the screen and you'll find innovative new features, like MultiView, which interfaces with other devices to let you multitask across multiple screens—keep a GameFAQ open on your notebook so you don't miss any powerful hidden weapons in your next Dark Souls playthrough.

Philips monitor 2

The Philips BDM4065UC is built for convenience, too. Slim bezels give the screen a lightweight look, powerful 7-watt speakers remove the need for independent speakers that can clutter your desktop, and the SmartConnect hub features four USB 3.0 ports (backwards compatible for USB 2.0 devices). The Philips 40" 4K UHD display can even interface with mobile devices using an optional Mobile High-Definition Link cable, allowing you to play great mobile games on the big screen.

For all these neat features, there's one thing you have to keep coming back to—the sheer size of that display. The BDM4065UC gives you two monitors' worth of screen real estate on a single premium panel that improves productivity and makes games look incredible.

The Philips 40" 4K Ultra HD monitor is available now from Amazon.