Best E3 trailers of 2013

This year's conference has been the best in years. We've seen lots of footage of announced games, and almost as much of until-now unannounced ones. Check our list to keep up with the best PC games of E3 2013 , discover six reasons why the PC is winning the show and read our take on the press conference that PC gamers deserve for an overview of all that's gone on in the last few action-packed days in PC land. To boot, we've also pulled all of the best videos of the show into one place so you can absorb moving images of the finest games on the show floor this year and decide which ones look most promising. Make a nice hot drink, sit back and enjoy the best that E3 2013 has to offer.

The Witcher 3

The moment you see Geralt wrestling his steed out of the forest onto that chilly plain you get the feeling that this is going to be something a bit special. The Witcher 3 will be open-world, and what a world it is. Forested, swampy, icy and full of varied and dangerous forms of life, like treemen, harpies and hairy zombie stag monsters. The only weird thing is that Geralt says "product not yet rated" at the start. Is he watching his own trailer, knowing somehow that he's a player character in a videogame? This explains why he's so angry all the time.

Mirror's Edge 2

Faith will finally make her return, in a reboot that EA describe as an "open world action adventure." This trailer is "in-engine," which doesn't mean the final game will look and move exactly like this. Still, it gives us a flavour of what DICE could do with that beautiful blazing Mirror's Edge aesthetic and the graphical oomph of Frostbite 3. This trailer's pretty combat heavy, and those hoping that there'd be no guns in a new Mirror's Edge won't like the look of what the soldier on the balcony is holding at 00:50, but the potential of a Mirror's Edge game with a gorgeous white city to explore is almost too much to bear.

Battlefield 4 multiplayer

From the ANGRY MACHINE NOISE intro to the moment-to-moment shootybang action, Battlefield 4 certainly resembles its predecessor, but for fans there's plenty to like in this video. The five man squad size. The commander mode. The giant skyscraper that collapses, covering the map in thick clouds of dust and rearranging control points. The moment where a helicopter appears at the windows looks staged (and it surely is), but watching the live stream that EA were running from the E3 show floor, this was a common tactic employed by passers by. It looks great. Also, for the first time in Battlefield multiplayer - the awkwardness of a squad of battle hardened soldiers trapped visor-to-visor in an elevator, listening to cheesy elevator music.


So THIS is what Respawn have been working on for all that time. The ex-Infinity Ward devs behind the early Call of Duties have made a man vs. man-in-mech shooter called Titanfall . Where to start. There's the rapid fire rocket launcher. There's wall-running with jetpacks. There are fleets of spaceships warping into orbit dropping giant robots onto the battlefield. You can punch another mech hard enough to pull its pilot out and fling him across the battlefield. These seem like very fun things to do in a multiplayer shooter. Apparently it's built in a heavily modified version of Valve's Source engine. One to watch.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Apocalyptic scenes from the new Dragon Age trailer, here. DA1 was all about the apocalypse that swells up from beneath the earth. This one rains down in a blaze of green fireballs. It doesn't bode well for our favourite characters. Varric's rarely looked so sad. The Qunari look about as angry as usual and everything's on fire. But hey! Morrigan's back and the new engine looks much shinier than DA2's. It'll be tremendously exciting to see what Bioware have been working on all this time, and how they plan to use all of those maybe-living, maybe-dead characters from Origins and DA2.


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