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Battlefield 4 screenshots: maxed settings at 7680x1440 on LPC

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Running Battlefield 4 at 1440p is impressive, but the Large Pixel Collider doesn't merely seek to impress. It seeks to destroy all humans (maybe, we don't know what it's thinking about) and destroy all things less than miraculous . With a gurgle from its coolant tank, it commanded us to instead span three 2560x1440 displays and submerse our eyeballs in a gallon of 7680x1440 levelution.

These are the screenshots we managed to extract— they're cropped to fit this page, but give them a click to download the full 7680-pixel-wide images.

See what's inside the Large Pixel Collider , our own personal demigod of a PC.

Lancang Dam

Operation Locker

Golmud Railway


Tyler Wilde

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