Battlefield 4 adds Community Test Environment to help with netcode fixes

It's been six months since Battlefield 4 launched, and while DICE has made numerous improvements, it's still suffering from a variety of issues. Most relate to its “netcode,” meaning damage registration and other player-to-player interactions. Last week, DICE launched another initiative it hopes will improve the game performance, and it's asking for your help.

Battlefield 4's Community Test Environment will serve as a separate testing grounds from the main game. A limited number of Premium members can download a separate CTE client by following the instructions on Battlefield 4's blog in order to join the program. DICE is hoping these players will provide constructive feedback, and that it will be able to test solutions more quickly. The fixes that work will then find their way to the main game.

According to the blog post, DICE's first priority is improving the netcode, which will involve tweaking the “tickrate” servers and networking in general. In addition to this newest initiative, last month DICE announced it was upgrading its servers to fight latency issues .