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Four epic reasons to play Paragon on NVIDIA SHIELD

Now available on NVIDIA SHIELD via GeForce NOW, Epic Games’ Paragon has all the makings of a standout hit. A celebrated developer at the wheel, a stellar game engine under the hood, and a unique design that combines elements of two highly popular genres. And that’s just for starters: below, we list four more reasons why you should give this exciting new game a try on SHIELD. 

It’s Free

Paragon looks, sounds, and plays like a big-budget triple-A game because that’s exactly what it is. Epic is responsible for franchises like Gears of War and Unreal Tournament, so they know how to deliver a high quality gaming experience. The only thing Paragon lacks is a big price tag: SHIELD owners can stream it now via a GeForce NOW membership ($7.99/month with the first month free) without any additional costs involved. It’s a killer deal for a game that’s packed with so much content. 

It’s Stunning

One of Epic’s other well known products is the Unreal Engine: powerful proprietary graphics technology that was used to create some of the biggest hits around. Paragon takes full advantage of the Unreal Engine’s prowess, delivering rich visuals and vibrant details that jump off the screen. Plus, thanks to GeForce NOW, you can enjoy the game on SHIELD without sacrificing any visual quality. 

Action Galore

One of the reasons the MOBA genre is so popular is that it offers a thrilling, adrenaline pumping experience. Every match features spectacular battles and highlight reel worthy moments. This is especially true in the later phases of the game, when every character is powered up and victory is hanging in the balance. The multiplayer nature of MOBAs also amps up the tension: there’s nothing quite like going up against live opponents in a competitive setting. Paragon’s third-person viewpoint and immersive graphics also put you right in the thick of things, letting you get an up close and personal view of the fight. 

Deep and Complex

But don’t let the pretty graphics and fast paced action fool you: Paragon isn’t a game where you just kick butt and take names. There’s a deep strategic layer to the game that requires you to really think about things like positioning, ability usage, and teamwork. The game also features a huge roster of heroes who each have specific strengths and weaknesses as well as a satisfying card system that adds yet another layer of complexity to the matches. This requires you to stay on your toes at all times. Jump into a game without a plan and you might as well concede before the round even begins. 

Paragon is now available to stream if you’re an NVIDIA SHIELD owner with a GeForce NOW membership. 

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