Attention Required: A competition looking for the best Overwatch players is here

OMEN by HP, as proud sponsors of the Overwatch League, have paired up with ESL and some of the top UK esports talent to bring you the OMEN by HP Bootcamp at the PC Gamer Weekender 2018. This event shows what it takes to become a professional esports player.

With a focus on Blizzard’s fast-firing shooter Overwatch, dedicated sessions will cover practice, fitness, nutrition, game strategy, communication and leadership. The OMEN by HP Bootcamp is a sure-fire way to become the best gamer you can be. Take your gaming to the next level by learning from the biggest names in esports.

Attending we have two Overwatch players from the top 1% gobally—Realzx and Kruise, who will be able to offer top tips to improve your play. We're also pleased to welcome top class video stars Valkia and Ryan from OverwatchCentral, who will bring their wealth of Overwatch knowledge to audiences at the Bootcamp.

It’s not just about you—it’s about your team. And what better way to test your ability than to enter the OMEN by HP Overwatch Competition, where you’ll have the opportunity to win a once-in-a-lifetime prize and free tickets to the best PCGamer Weekender ever. The competition requires you and your team to enter the esports qualifier on the ESL Play platform, and to do what you do best—play Overwatch.


How do you enter? Easy. Put yourself/your team forward and enter the esports qualifier on the ESL Play platform. You need to win the qualifier to be able come to the event. The qualifier will be on 19th January. Even if you don’t enter or win, you can check out all the action via the OMEN by HP Europe, ESL and PCGamer Twitch channels. Remember, it’s a 3v3 elimination so invite your team for the wildest gaming experience of their lives. 

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One OMEN by HP Desktop PC and a full set of OMEN accessories—including a keyboard, mouse, headset and mouse mat.

Travel and accommodation to PC Gamer Weekender at Olympia London on February 17-18.    

A chance to meet and play alongside the top Overwatch Pro Gamers and Influencers.


The OMEN by HP Bootcamp will help you understand Overwatch’s different hero classes, learn about the pros and cons of Support, DPS, Tank and Defence. You’ll even have the chance to see a professional gamer in action—observing how they perform and operate under pressure. Think you’ve got what it takes? Enter the competition or sign up for the Weekender now.

Sign up for the OMEN by HP Bootcamp at the PC Gamer Weekender 2018 by visiting the official Weekender site: 

The PC Gamer Weekender takes place at the Olympia, London on February 17-18, 2018.


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*Terms & Conditions apply. Sign-ups close 20th Jan, 18:30 GMT is when sign-ups close. The competition will run Saturday, 20th Jan at 19:00 GMT onwards, and into Sunday, 21st Jan depending on sign-ups. For more information visit