Assassin's Creed Brotherhood trailer, date


The new Assassin's Creed game, with its stabby multiplayer, has just got a release date - November 16th - and a big old trailer. Remember in the first game, that big temple full of assassins? In Brotherhood, you get your own. Trailer ho:

The hidden wrist-blade here is that the game will be using Ubisoft's Online Services Platform, the infamous "Ubi-DRM" (assuming Yves Guillemot doesn't get visited by three spirits and shown the error of his ways before release).

EXT. OLD LONDON TOWN. YVES is hanging out of his WINDOW wearing a NIGHT CAP. There is a BOY in the STREET.

YVES: "You boy! What's today?"

BOY: "Today, sir? Why, it's November 15th, the day before Brotherhood comes out!"