Ashen will drop Epic Games Store exclusivity and arrive on Steam and GOG this year

A44's broody, beautiful Souls-like Ashen will drop its Epic Games Store exclusivity and make its way to other digital storefronts in December, one year and a little change after it was unveiled as an EGS launch title—which is also when the yearlong exclusivity period was announced. 

Ashen will be available on both Steam and GOG December 9 according to a trailer released today, which you can view above.

While it's true that Ashen cribs liberally from Dark Souls' mechanics, it is tonally very much its own game. It puts you in the shoes of a wanderer, and as you explore its somber world you gradually convince the people you encounter to join your fledgling settlement, gradually creating a community that feels alive.

In his Ashen review, Joe Donnelly writes "Ashen echoes the core mechanics of Dark Souls, but it does so with such finesse that it hardly matters." For players who held off on playing due to the Epic Games Store exclusivity, Ashen is likely to be a real treat.