3 things to know about the story of Outriders

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(Image credit: Square Enix)

With the full game just around the corner, we take a look at some of the rich lore that makes the world of Outriders so mysterious, yet so intriguing.

What happened on Earth?

The eagle-eyed players that scooped up every journal entry in the demo, will have learned that Earth began to crumble in 2032.

Due to warring nations, the world began to experience aggressive seismic activity.  

With tsunamis and earthquakes tearing through neighbourhoods, the sea level rising, and entire cities being swallowed by the ocean, the world descended into chaos, and extinction was inevitable. 

Not knowing if this was the work of underground weapons being tested, or the horrific effects of global warming, Earth began work on space arks, floating cities and enormous underground bunkers. But humanity's inability to work together led to failure.

Two ships, (The S.M. Flores and the Caravel) left Earth to embark on an interstellar voyage to the planet Enoch, to find a new home for the last remnants of humanity.

The Caravel was destroyed in an explosion within Earth's orbit. And the S.M. Flores became the back up ship.

The final message sent from Earth was received by the S.M. Flores computers in 2091. And, as far as anybody knows, Planet Earth is no more. 

What is Enoch?

Enoch is a perfectly untouched, lush Earth-like planet upon arrival by the colonisation crew of the S.M. Flores. 

But the promising fresh start quickly became something else entirely.

Shortly after the S.M. Flores landed, the Outrider finds a signal that could indicate other intelligent life. Then, a strange storm (now known as the Anomaly) erupted, and began vaporising Enochs newest arrivals. The storm affected both the new human arrivals and the flora and fauna of Enoch itself. Creating a planet and creatures hyper evolved to kill you.

The planet is fractured into factions, everything, and everyone wants to kill you, and there’s a supernatural storm growing larger everyday.

As an Outrider your initial tasks in the colonisation attempts were to spearhead the first explorations of Enoch and safeguard the efforts of the colonists. 

What is the Anomaly?

The Anomaly is a mysterious storm that that can hyper evolve anything in its path, or kill it.. It can act as an EMP and wipe out technology, but can also alter any living being it touches.

You the Outrider suffer exposure to the first Anomaly storm and are placed in Cryogenic sleep. 30 years later, you are woken up to discover a planet of waring humans, little to no technology and Enochs creatures hell bent on killing you. Plus impossible Anomaly storms that have raged on all this time.

While this only scratches the surface on how deep the lore goes in Outriders, there are only so many mysteries and questions that the demo can uncover.

If you still have questions that need answering, you can pick up the full Outriders game on April 1st. The full game will be available on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Steam, Stadia, Epic and Nvidia GeForce Now.