Wildstar teases the locations and rewards of the Strain Ultradrop update

Last week, Carbine introduced us to Strain Ultradrop , the first major content update since the game's release. Only a month after the game's launch—and all the excitement, demands, complaints and requests that such an event naturally brings—the developers are unleashing a deadly plague upon us all. Hopefully there's nothing to be read into that.

Since the update's announcement, Carbine have been filling in the details of what to expect. In addition to a new area and Adventure, they've today revealed the housing and customisation options that plague-battling players can expect to earn.

The new area, Blighthaven, is home of the Strain—a purple, pustulous infection that creates mutated versions of the planet's creatures. There's also a max-level Adventure, set in one of the Exile starter areas, Northern Wilds. Carbine are promising new enemies and "max rewards" for successful completion of the instance.

For housing, the Strain means lots of potential for gloopy ooze-things. Your house can become a bacterial breeding ground with new furniture and architectural accoutrements. There's also a giant gaping maw plug of unspecified use. Lastly, players have the chance to earn a new Costume set, infected mount accessories, and a gross hoverboard thing.

It's decent drop of new content, and a positive sign for the future of a game I like a lot . Additional screenshots are below, and you can see more of Strain at the update's mini-site .


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