Nvidia 800M series steals world's fastest notebook GPU crown from Nvidia, says Nvidia

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Good news from Nvidia for fans of warm thighs on long trips. From today the graphics card behemoth is planning a renewed assault on the gaming notebook market with its forthcoming range of GeForce GTX 800M GPUs, with extended battery life billed as a key feature alongside the (expected) annual performance improvements. PC Gamer recently attended a launch briefing for the 800M series, of which the most powerful variant is the 880M (pictured) which Nvidia claims is the world’s fastest notebook GPU. You can expect the chips to begin appearing in notebooks immediately, and among those to include the 880M at launch are the Alienware 17, Asus G750JZ and MSI GT 70.

HD 7850 1GB CrossFire benchmarked: this generation's best multi-GPU buy

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Recently I’ve been spending my days (and some fevered night’s dreams) benchmarking pretty much every GPU from this latest generation of graphics cards. One card has stood out as the absolute best. We’ve been recommending the standard 2GB HD 7850 as the go-to graphics card of today, as its combination of impressive price-point and brilliant 1080p performance is tough to argue against. But I’ve been playing around with the slightly-hobbled 1GB version recently and I’ve got to say I barely notice the difference from the halved frame buffer.

You’d think that in the high-resolution stakes, where the 2GB HD 7850 performed surprisingly well itself, this 1GB version would struggle. But the GPU itself taps out before the lack of graphics memory actually has an impact on performance.

For £120 then the HD 7850 1GB is an absolute bargain. So, what if you get a pair of them in your rig?

New Nvidia and AMD drivers boost frame rates

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I promised earlier in the week to give you a run down of what exactly the driver improvements touted by AMD for its ‘Never Settle’ driver release of Catalyst 12.11. Not to be outdone on the driver front Nvidia has also released a new beta driver for its graphics cards this week too. So, in the battle of the latest graphics card optimisations who wins?

Id Software's John Carmack picks a side in the Nvidia/AMD GPU war

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We sat down with legendary John Carmack and picked his brain on a few of our favorite topics. Along the way, we asked him which graphics card--AMD or Nvidia--he would buy right that second and why. His answer might surprise you.