Zineth developer's next project is Perfect Stride, a psychedelic skateboarding game

Katie Williams at

It's skateboarding...with a dash of noir, via the cigarette that your character takes a drag from in between skateboarding up the walls and ceiling. Yeah, it's that slick. You may remember the Arcane Kids from Zineth, the arcade skater that was shortlisted (and later won) the best student game in this year's IGF. Well, they've now returned to impress you with another abstractified marvel of skatery. Introducing: Perfect Stride.

IGF announces shortlist for Best Student Game

Phil Savage at

The 15th Independant Games Festival award shortlist already contains plenty of weird and wonderful indies. Now the IGF's organisers have announced their contenders for the best student game of last year. It's a strong list of quirky, experimental and mostly free games that are well worth trying. More importantly, a quick search shows that we haven't covered the excellent Zineth before. This just won't do!