World Championship Series

MLG no longer working with Blizzard to host StarCraft 2 World Championship Series

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eSports fans and followers of the professional StarCraft 2 circuit will be disappointed to hear that Major League Gaming has parted ways with Blizzard and won’t be hosting future World Championship Series tournaments.

StarCraft II World Championship Series season finals are underway

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What’s that sound? Why, it’s the tap-tap-tapping of contestants duking it out in the Starcraft II World Championship Series! After months of blood, sweat and qualifying rounds, we finally get to see the top players go head-to-head with all of Heart of the Swarm's new units and strategies in the season one finals.

Starcraft 2's WCS Europe Season 1 league finalists to clash this weekend

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A potential bank holiday scenario: You're halfway through a long weekend buried face-deep in a monitor, blasting through some games. Then, all of a sudden, your body kicks you out of the digitally enhanced stupor, complaining of aching fingers and a distended bladder. Look, you're getting older. There's no shame in that. Luckily, with the WCS Europe Season One finals, due to take place this weekend, Blizzard can help you extend that gaming marathon through the vicarious thrill of watching professionals at work.

Starcraft 2: WCS Europe Season 1 group play kicks off tonight

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With the qualifiers now finished, the 32 players competing in the first season of the European leg of Starcraft 2's World Championship Series have been announced. The pros have been split into eight groups, with each group battling on a different night over the next three weeks. The first group - featuring SaSe, ForGG, sLivko and Bunny - kick things off tonight, from 6pm CEST/5pm BST.

StarCraft II WCS point system and prize pools detailed

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Last week, we got a look at the format for the 2013 StarCraft II World Championship Series in the North America region. Today, Blizzard released a detailed explanation of the global prize pools and point system for the new face of top-level competition. If you like eSports, looking at large sums of money, and purple-tinted infographics, this might be the most personally relevant thing you read today. World Championship tournament kicks off this weekend

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On February 16th, Blizzard's eSports organizers kicked off the year-spanning World Championship Series for StarCraft II. Hundreds of players from dozens of countries have battled through local qualifiers, national playoffs, and finally continental championships to make it to Shanghai this weekend for the tournament to end all tournaments. 32 players from every corner of the globe remain, but only one will go home with the title of global champion.