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What we want from the World of Darkness MMO

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Last week at Fanfest, we got the first real look at the gameplay in CCP’s night stalking, blood drinking MMO. As a long-time, hardcore fan of World of Darkness—I even used to host a podcast devoted to it—I've had my eye on it continually since CCP's announcement three long years ago.

The moonlit, tabletop world of Vampire, Mage, and Werewolf isn't an easy thing to get right in video game form, but it has been done before—most notably in Troika’s excellent Vampire: the Masquerade: Bloodlines. CCP is nothing if not an outside-the-box developer, though, and the no-hand-holding, cutthroat universe of EVE Online actually has some stylistic overlap with White Wolf’s signature setting. I hope this allows CCP to nail this new project, and I've got some ideas on how they can make sure they do.

World of Darkness permadeath and politics: "Hanging out in bars could be a powerful play"

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World of Darkness is an upcoming MMO RPG set in Mark Rein Hagen's vampire-centric universe. He later went on to create White Wolf, the studio responsible for 1991's critically acclaimed Vampire: The Masquerade.

The truly exciting thing? CCP, creators of revolutionary sci-fi sandbox EVE Online, are in charge.

World of Darkness is taking tired MMO convention and slicing its throat. Then it's smearing the result all over a single server universe where the fight for political influence is just as important as the literal battle for blood. Get enough power and you can kill off someone's character, permanently.

I got a chance to speak to creative director Reynir Hardarson about the revolutionary mechanics. His words had us both shaking with excitement. Oh, and forget any notion of teenage fantasy. As Reynir pointed out to a relieved crowd at last week's fanfest: CCP are "not making Twilight."

World of Darkness: a new vampire MMO from the creators of EVE Online

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Eve Online creators CCP have revealed more about their sinister MMO, World of Darkness. It's all about being a vampire. It's based on the World of Darkness pen and paper RPG system developed by White Wolf, who CCP merged with back in '06. The same system behind Troika's flawed by brilliant RPG, Vampire: The Masquerade.

Massively have some fresh news from the White Wolf Grand Masquerade event that took place this weekend. Like Eve Online, the whole game will take place at night on a single server. You'll start out as a mortal, and will have to make the choice whether or not to become a vampire for the duration of your existence. Ironically, In a game about achieving immortality as a monster of the night, you will be able to die permanently.