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Warhammer 40,000: Chess - Regicide announced, because nothing is more Warhammer than chess

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The grimdark future of Warhammer 40K is a great setting for all kinds of games. Shooters? Check. Real-time strategy? Sure. 2,000-year-old board game? Uh, maybe. That's what Warhammer 40,000: Chess – Regicide has planned: a thematic mash-up of the classic strategic game and huge, burly space marines. The Emperor will be pleased.

Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance beta hits Steam

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In the year 40,000, our universe is ravaged by war. Bloody battles between humans and xenos rage on endlessly, entire planets are annihilated regularly, and Space Marines, more machine than human, know only death and war. Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 has just about the most epic, metal-album-cover fiction that ever existed, and it’s a great source material for video games.

Warhammer 40K MOBA Storm of Vengeance announced

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British developer Eutechnyx  today announced that it’s currently working on Storm of Vengeance, a MOBA set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 universe. Slated for a 2014 release on PC and mobile devices, Eutechnyx describes Storm of Vengeance as a “lane strategy game” set in the dark, gothic, but not-at-all emo universe of Warhammer 40,000.

Space Wolf trailer offers a first look at Warhammer 40K's tactical card game

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Here's an announcement trailer for Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf, the free-to-play tactical card game that was announced back in August. If you follow Warhammer to any extent, you'll have an idea of what to expect. If you don't, I've got some bad news: the Space Wolves are just people, not actual wolves who prowl around and do wolf things in space. I know, I was disappointed too.

Space Marine creator: Captain Titus would have "gone rogue" if the series had continued

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Space Marine, the ultra-violent close-combat exploration of the grisly Warhammer 40K universe, was a good game that didn't get enough attention. Still, had THQ not completely imploded at the end of 2012, Space Marine’s protagonist Captain Titus was planned to have been at the center of two more games. The game’s director, Raphael van Lierop, is now part of the team that successfully Kickstarted The Long Dark, and he claims to have had big plans for Titus.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf announced, is a turn-based collectible card game

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There was a time when getting a license out of Games Workshop was harder then getting a Chaos Marine out of his armour. Now they're distributing them more liberally; and plenty of chapters are being given the chance to prove their devotion to the Emperor. Space Wolf is the latest Warhammer 40K game to be announced: a PC and iOS collectible card game from mobile developer Herocraft.

Space Hulk launch trailer brings honour and righteous death

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There's something about the word "space" that makes anything that's prefixed with it seem more exciting. Sending Space Marines into a Space Hulk? That sounds tense and dramatic. Sending plain old marines into a regular Hulk? That sounds like a military-ordered endoscopy into Bruce Banner. Also dramatic, but not quite the same as a turn-based tactical adaptation of the Warhammer 40K board game. Probably a good job that it's the latter that's now available.

Space Hulk secures August 15th release date

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Space Hulk - not to be confused with the time Bruce Banner visited the International Space Station - is coming. It's coming real soon, as in August 15th. We were rather impressed by Full Control's board game adaption when we saw it a few months ago, not least because it's shaping up to be one of the most authentic Warhammer 40K tie-ins yet. Stick around for a very short new trailer, which mainly involves things exploding into chunks.

Relic says a new Dawn of War is a "strong possibility"

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It's been over two years since we hot-dropped onto the battlefields of the 41st Millennium in Dawn of War II: Retribution, and the sale of Relic to Sega has left the series' future a mystery. While Relic's in-house property, Company of Heroes, changed hands along with them, there has been no official word on whether or not Warhammer owners Games Workshop will continue to license the franchise to the RTS developer. Speaking to Eurogamer recently, Relic's Quinn Duffy gave us hope for a third entry in the franchise, saying there is "a strong possibility we'll all be working together again on Dawn of War."

New Warhammer 40K title in the works at Slitherine

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Games Workshop have popped on their sorting hat and picked out another studio to craft something from one of their WAR-heavy licenses. This time it's Slitherine, publishers of tricky tactical strategy Unity of Command, who have been tasked with making a new game for the 40,000 universe. That's the sci-fi one with "Orks", not the fantasy one with "Orcs".

Space Marine review

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I love my thunder hammer. I love the crackle of blue energy dancing across the weight on the end as my Space Marine – Ultramarines Captain Titus – hefts it backwards. I love swinging into the gurning face of an ork. I love chaining together three standard attacks, whirling and spinning with destructive force, before pressing F to slam my hammer into the floor, stunning every alien, monster, and monstrous alien in the vicinity.

But life is difficult, because I also love my chainsword, and I can’t carry both. Oh, and can I tell you about my power axe? I want to explain how satisfying it is to boot a Chaos cultist very hard in his scarred face before burying a five-foot axe in his shoulder. Sorry, hang on. I’ve got too excited. Let me calm down.

Space Marine interview talks characters, multiplayer, customisation

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[bcvideo id="1067576309001"]
Good news for fans of bright pink Space Marines, Relic's new third person shooter has extensive character customisation in multiplayer. In this interview, Kim chats to Relic's James McDermott about characters, story, multiplayer and taking inspiration from Dawn of War. Take a look if you plan to create an Adeptus Fabulous chapter when Space Marine is released on September 8th.

THQ retain 40K license with "multi-year extension"

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THQ and Games Workshop have announced that their licence agreement will be extended. It basically means that THQ can continue to create games that are packed full of Space Marines and Orks spelled with a "K".

THQ have had relative success with the license so far. We awarded Dawn of War 2: Retribution 88 in our review. Tom has written a preview about the upcoming Space Marine too; you can read that here.

What would you like to see THQ create with the 40K licence?

Cry havoc and win Dawn of War II: Retribution Collector's Edition! [US only]

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UPDATE: We've contacted the winners of the Collector's Edition and sent out the eight Steam codes, so go check your inbox! Thanks to everyone who entered!

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