Saints Row creative director Steve Jaros leaves Volition for Valve

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Volition creative director Steve Jaros has announced he will leave the studio after ten years. Jaros wrote the first three Saints Row games and lead development on the series’ most recent installment, Saints Row 4. “The past 10 years at Volition have been life changing,” Jaros Tweeted. “I've gotten to work with amazing people and made friends that will last a life time.”

Saints Row IV gets first stage of SDK, makes it easier to design/import weapons

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An absence of modding tools hardly means an absence of mods—just look at GTAIV, and the impressive modifications that have cropped up since the game's release. An SDK would obviously help the process along though, which is why it's wonderful to see the efforts over at the Saints Row Mods forum being given Volition's official blessing. The first stage of Saints Row IV's newly released modding tools allows players to make their own weapons, though you're going to have to up your game if you hope to compete with the likes of the dubstep gun.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell unveiled at PAX

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As promised, Volition has announced a new project at PAX, and as expected, it's more Saints Row. It isn't a new game, however, but a standalone expansion to Saints Row IV called Gat Out of Hell.

Deep Silver teases new Saints Row reveal

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For the last week, the cowled monks of Rumour Abbey have been chanting lowly about a possible Volition announcement at this weekend's PAX. But what could they be announcing? Well, given that the studio's owner, Deep Silver, didn't acquire the Red Faction series after THQ's demise, it's almost inevitable that the answer will be a new Saints Row. A recent tweet lends further support to this theory.

Saints Row studio Volition will reveal a new game at PAX Prime

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Looks like Saints Row studio Volition will announce a new game at PAX Prime. According to an event description on the PAX site, new gameplay, art and details “for an upcoming project from Volition” will be shown during a panel on Friday.

Saints Row 4: National Treasure Edition announced, is out next month

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Saints Row 4 wasn't shy about... well, anything really. But it definitely wasn't shy about DLC. Naturally, then, it's time for the mad-cap open-world adventure to receive its everything-but-the-kitchen-sink bundle release. The National Treasure Edition will collect the game and its 29 DLC packs into a single package, and is due out on July 8th.

Freespace 2 hyperjumps to Steam today

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Volition is most closely associated with the Saints Row franchise these days, but to a certain class of joystick-owning oldsters, the name brings something else to mind: Freespace. It was the first project for the developer, and one of the last bastions of the space combat simulation genre. Today. the entire series, including Freespace 2, makes its way to Steam.

Company of Heroes 2 and Saints Row 4 are this weekend's Steam free trials

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This weekend, you've the chance to sample two entirely separate threads on the PC gaming quilt. There's the gruelling, harsh, harrowing struggle of war in Company of Heroes 2; or the super-powerful, super-power-ballad-full, comedy hijinks of Saints Row IV. Fun and frolics or fear and frostbite? Either way, both games are free to trial until Sunday, and are accompanied by discounts that will last until Monday.

Saints Row IV gets into the spirit with How The Saints Saved Christmas DLC

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Is the weather outside frightful? Maybe it's your climate's attempt to get into the Christmas spirit. More likely, if you're an inhabitant of Saints Row IV's virtual steelport, it's the result of superpowered psychopaths raining fiery and/or electric and/or frosticle death down onto the ground. An upcoming DLC pack, How The Saints Saved Christmas, will attempt to fill that psychopath full of holiday cheer.

Saints Row 4 Enter the Dominatrix DLC out today, sexy velociraptors in tow

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Way, way back in the summer of 2012, Enter the Dominatrix was destined to be a standalone piece of DLC for Saints Row the Third, hopefully lifting THQ out of its debtors' clutches. However, THQ decided to have Volition scrap Enter the Dominatrix and use the ideas like super powers and alien invasions to make what we know today as Saints Row IV. Now, we can finally see what Volition truly had up its sleeves those 12 long months ago.

Saints Row 4 to Enter The Dominatrix in new DLC, out October 23rd

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Having super-jumped my way through Saints Row IV's main campaign, I am now left with both a renewed appreciation for Paula Abdul, and a desire to have more Saints Row IV to play. Luckily, Volition are soon to fulfil that second wish, with the freshly dated DLC pack Enter The Dominatrix. Originally planned as an expansion for Saints Row: The Third, the mission pack will finally be available to play from the 23rd of October.

Saints Row 4 mod adds first-person view

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Volition’s still hard at work on a set of Saints Row IV mod tools for all you tinkerers out there, but the delay hasn’t stopped a few prolific modders from allowing you to "serve and protect" the fine citizens of Steelport through the eyes of your character.

Saints Row 4 GATV DLC is free today

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New costumes, a heavy machine gun and a launcher that fires combat knives are yours to claim in Saints Row 4 for zero cents on Steam today to celebrate/make fun of the launch of a certain other title. What was it now, VAGT? GAVT? You know, the one where Tony Soprano teams up with CJ from San Andreas and Lynch from Kane and Lynch to rob banks and play tennis.

New Saints Row 4 DLC drops presidents, plunger gun on Steelport.

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Feeling presidential today? Or maybe you're more in the mood for a relaxing trip to the country, plunger gun in hand. Saints Row 4 developer Volition dropped two new DLC packs this week, each with its own flamboyant take on wildly different aspects of American culture: historic presidents and hillbilly fashion.

Saints Row 4 review

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This is the only game I’ve ever had to pause because I was laughing too much to play. I want to tell you about the exact section that caused me to crease up. I want to sit you down, do the voices, and perform a poor recreation of the whole thing. And I want you to know about the other hundred-odd moments that physically contorted my real-life face into real-life grins or my real-life mouth into real-life laughs.

I won’t tell you about all of them because I’ll spoil them. But I want you to know because they’re so joyful, so playful, that they turn this third sequel to an average Grand Theft Auto clone into one of the most fun videogames I’ve ever played.

Saints Row 4 video shows 90 minutes of footage, comes with usual 'giant dildo' warning

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Saints Row 4 - which as I understand is not a biblical rowing simulator, but rather an open world WTF-'em-up - got a big ol' livestream the other day courtesy of developers Volition. See a man drive a car into a variety of things, see another man wield a giant purple dildo, and gawk at some of the game's seemingly quite fleshed-out minigames in this recording of the event, which as a bonus lets you skip ahead during some of the more boring bits. Australians: this is what the real Saints Row looks like, in case you were wondering.

Saints Row 4's San Diego Comic-Con panel reveals first DLC details

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Just how many people does it take to think up a Dubstep Gun? That, and similarly off-the-wall questions were the subject of a San Diego Comic Con panel for Saints Row IV. In the month before the release of the ridiculous open-world sandbox, Deep Silver Volition studio head Steve Jaros, and voice actors Troy Baker, Laura Baily, J.B. Blanc and Yuri Lowenthal, took fan questions about the story, tone and first DLC.

Saints Row 4 considered "end of that saga," future games to go in different direction

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Saints Row IV is a game in which you play as a psychopathic president given superpowers while trapped inside a virtual reality city by aliens. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Volition are considering a different direction for any future sequels in the series. They'd struggle to take the current gangs and characters into a more bombastically ridiculous place than they already have.

Saints Row 4's Independence Day trailer shows a special sort of celebration

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Getting refused classification in Australia isn't Saints Row 4's only achievement. It can now also take the title for most ridiculous Independence Day speech since, well, the film Independence Day. The exceedingly silly open-world action game is celebrating July 4th with a fireworks display of lunacy and absurdism. There can't be many better ways to celebrate freedom than hearing Keith David say "anal-probing overlord".

Here's 10 minutes of Saints Row 4's E3 gameplay footage

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What does a game that got banned in Australia look like? Why, it looks like Saints Row 4—which is to say that this game is full of offensive purple suits. Here's the in-game walkthrough that was shown off at E3, narrated by senior producer Jim Boone. No, he does not explain why the President of the United States has tigers just casually lounging about the White House.