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Sleeping Dogs review

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Winston Chu has a bulging, tattooed body, a gold-plated gun and a massive square head. He’s a gangster, so that face is locked into a permanent scowl, a symptom of years of steroid abuse and a childhood under the fist of a psychotic mother with an unhealthy love of cleavers.

Welcome to life in the triads.

Mrs Chu is your mother, too, in a sense. You’re Wei Shen, undercover cop, on a mission to bring down the triads from the inside. The trouble is, once you’re initiated, you’re family. Another brother in a grotesque gang of crooks and killers. You’ll spend most of your time in this richly realised, open-world Hong Kong performing missions for thugs, the better to get close to the sharp suits who run the show.

Sleeping Dogs: six months of DLC incoming

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Square Enix have revealed there is an "extensive" Sleeping Dogs DLC plan for at least the next six months. Content will start appearing on Steam when the game is released later this week and will include "the 80's-inspired Retro Triad Pack, a killer old school outfit with its own player buffs and funky kung-fu van," according to the publisher.

Details are scarce but there's more planned for September in the form of a "high-speed Racing Pack" and an "explosive SWAT Pack". It's not hard to imagine what they might consist of.

Sleeping Dogs trailer has supercars, speedboats, explosions, convenient ramps

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