More details emerge for the Crytek-authorized TimeSplitters Rewind mod

Omri Petitte at

Crytek sparked hope for TimeSplitters fans last year when it bestowed its blessing upon the community-driven TimeSplitters Rewind PC mod to use the powerful CryEngine 3. And there was much rejoicing, for although Crytek bought series developer Free Radical Design a few years ago, it left any future TimeSplitters games in question as it refocused the team's talents onto Crysis development. It's been a while since the Facebook-turned-mod-group announced the good news, so project manager Michael Hubicka shares a whole bunch of new info in a Cooking with Grenades interview (via Escapist). Monkeys: confirmed.

Crytek give the go-ahead for TimeSplitters mod

Phil Savage at

Ever since Crytek bought out the development studio Free Radical and rebranded them as Crytek UK, there have been rumours, denials, petitions and much hopeful wishing that they'd be allowed to create a follow-up to their popular TimeSplitters series. That hasn't happened, quite, but what has is a rather unusual compromise.