Stardew Valley

RIOTs, legends, farming, and more in latest Steam Greenlight batch

Patrick Carlson at

Valve has picked out six more titles to advance to distribution through its Steam Greenlight program. Using a mix of criteria, Valve sees enough interest in these games to push them to eventual release. The following batch was announced today...

Stardew Valley: a co-op Harvest Moon with marriage, monsters, randomly generated caves

Tom Sykes at

I never really played much Harvest Moon, but even I know that its bankrupting shopowner Tom Nook ranks somewhere between Eddie Murphy and Nick Clegg on the unpopularity scale. I'm intrigued by the farming RPG Stardew Valley, then, which so far doesn't appear to feature any greedy capitalist raccoon dogs, making up for this blessed omission with online co-op and a focus on the four Cs: Crafting, Cave-crawling, Customisation and Cmarriage. (The C there is silent). There's a brand new trailer after the break.