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Overkill are making a The Walking Dead game

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Overkill Software—you know, the guys who made Payday and Payday 2—have announced that they're making a new game based on The Walking Dead. Described as a co-op FPS "with elements of action, role-playing, survival horror and stealth", we can only hope it'll better than Activision's attempt to turn the series into a shooter.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons to get PC release at the end of the month

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Starbreeze's puzzlish sibling-'em-up, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, is currently getting itself into bother as part of Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade promotion thing. Normally, we'd scratch our heads and look on with mild jealousy, waiting the standard six or so months for the game to escape the the XBLA cage. Not this time, it would seem - the irrepressible Brothers are to get a Steam release on August 28.

Payday 2 video steals your attention with its explanation of new features

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What is Payday 2? For one thing, it's a co-op FPS about crims and their seemingly insatiable desire for money. For another, it's a follow-up to the enjoyable, if uneven, Payday. And, for a third, it's the name of a video by game director David Goldfarb explaining how they've expanded and refined this second attempt. If anything, the question it answers is more: "Why is Payday 2?"

Payday 2 teaser offers an important lesson in bad guy recognition

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Idea for preventing all future crimes: install trackers in those creepy plastic masks that are only ever used by budding criminals. They're a clear giveaway that a heist is about to go down. That's a lesson still to be learned by the guard in this teaser for Overkill's Payday 2. He's far too nonchalant for someone being approached by a guy equipping a sneering stars and stripes face mask and wearing surgical gloves.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons' clever control scheme detailed in new video

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I have to keep reminding myself that Starbreeze are behind this interesting Fable-esque fantasy adventure, because it couldn't be more unlike their previous work, lacking as it is in gravel-voiced action heroes, lens flare or cyberpunks. For Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons they've teamed up with Josef Fares, one of Sweden's biggest film directors (Sweden, feel free to correct me on that), who you can see in the following video holding a PS3 controller and explaining the game's novel control scheme. More details on that there control scheme below.

Syndicate devs developing Storm, a co-op sci-fi FPS

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Syndicate and Chronicles of Riddick developer Starbreeze Studios recently updated their website, posting details of an upcoming, and previously unanounced, sci-fi shooter, titled Storm. Details are extremely limited for now, with the game's page saying only, "Currently in development. Co-op Sci Fi FPS. It is our future." There's also a picture. It shows pipes, gantries and a complete lack of any other defining features.

Four Syndicate operatives, eight minutes of cooperative rata-tata-tata

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A new Syndicate gameplay video depicts a four-player co-op mission that takes on a hallucinatory quality as the camera rapidly cuts between different players machine-gunning security guards, while HUD overlays wobble and shimmer. Then they come to their objective: an enemy officer with a Macguffin chip in his head and a minigun in his hands. You can probably guess what happens next.

EA: There's "scope" for a strategic Syndicate remake, "loads of potential" on PC

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Instead of making your head hurt with brain-taxing tactics, Syndicate's now all about making brains explode. That's not to say the hack-tacular FPS looks bad by any means. It's just that, instead of teaching an old dog new tricks, EA simply bought a new dog.

What of Syndicate's long-time supporters, though? Well, things may not be as grim as they initially seemed. Turns out, EA's open to the idea of giving the original futuristic noggin-scrambler a modern makeover. It's simply a matter of finding the right platform.