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Star Trek review

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Reflecting JJ Abrams’ flashier, dumber Star Trek, the inevitable videogame spinoff is – you guessed it – a cover shooter. If you want to feel like the captain of your own starship, exploring the universe and seducing aliens, play Mass Effect. This is a game where you crouch behind bits of scenery and shoot giant lizards with lasers.

Gorn but not forgotten: Shatner fights his old nemesis in the latest Star Trek game trailer

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Star Trek: The Reboot 2: The Movie: The Game pulled its Gorns out of its pointy ears the other week, but that was in a silly Making Of video that featured lots of in-game footage of Kirk's famous alien sparring partner, but precious little of William Shatner himself. Sure, he's been replaced by Chris Pine for the recent films/upcoming game, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a little Shat now and again. Here he is, in the latest trailer, sitting down with an actual Gorn to play a game of Star Trek, before the two inevitably come to blows. This is apparently in advance of some sort of co-operative shooter, but now I'm more interested in a Shat/Gorn fighting game and I won't rest until somebody (Capcom?) makes one.

Star Trek trailer is all about the Gorn and their deadly lack of clothing

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Trekkies have a special fondness for the Gorn, but here's a few facts for the less-familiar: the Gorn are giant space lizards. They appeared rarely in the TV shows, but the race's debut in the 1967 Original Series episode "Arena" went down in history as one of the most awkward man-vs-man-in-a-monster-suit fights ever televised. They're now a major enemy in the video game counterpart of JJ Abrams' upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness film, and developer Digital Extremes wants the wrathful reptilians to pose a considerable threat beyond their wonderful fashion sense.

Star Trek trailer introduces explosions, lizards, more explosions, tiny Spock

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Even as the red rock of the planet materialised beneath their feet, they understood. Spock turned away and gazed at the horizon. He knew the odds even before joining Starfleet. He'd entered them into a multi-layered risk assessment matrix. He'd estimated the number of transporter trips he'd likely be required to take during his career, and weighed that number against the likelihood of a glitch. Kirk was silent. There was so much to say, but no way to say it. His friend had bathed in the cosmic rays beyond conventional reality, and shrunk in the wash.

Or he's just STANDING FAR AWAY. Either way, I've picked the only moment of the new Star Trek trailer that isn't exploding. That's because this is the game based on JJ Abrams glittering movie reboot of 2009, which has morphed into a third person cover shooter in the hands of developer, Digital Extremes. RPS have spotted a new trailer, which you can find below.

FTL mods video round-up: fly ships from Star Trek, Star Wars, and Firefly

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Spaceship management roguelike FTL is one of this year's standout games, and also one of the first Kickstarted projects to result in a playable product. Its modding scene centers around new ships, tweaked mechanics, and updated graphics. We've picked out three ship replacement mods by hellcatv, with art in the case of Serenity and the Enterprise provided by MattsterT. Each of these mods swaps out one of the default ships with a new model complete with new equipment and a custom load-out.

Star Trek beams down new trailer and screens

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However the tie-in for the rebooted Star Trek goes, you certainly can't call it a quick cash-in. Taking place between the film we've seen and the sequel on its way, you'll get to explore the galaxy, shoot people as either Kirk or Spock, and battle the Gorn - presumably without having to painstakingly create your own weapons. There will also most likely be lens flares. Quite possibly all the lens flares.

All hands on desk! PCG plays the best Star Trek game you've never heard of: Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

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This feature originally ran in PC Gamer UK issue 232. Check out our Video Blog about the photoshoot for behind the scenes footage.

Artemis isn’t an official Star Trek game, but it is the Star Trek game you’ve always dreamed of. It’s a bridge simulator, in which multiple players take on the roles of starship crew. There are six slots in a bridge crew: a captain, a helmsman, a weapons master, an engineer, a science officer and comms. The captain hosts a server. Everyone else logs into the server to play their role. Everyone but the captain gets their own screen and their own jobs. To succeed, crew members must communicate and work together. Science officers need to provide bearings and scan readings to helmsmen and weapons officers. Engineers need to divert power between the warp drive and weapons. Everyone needs to listen to the captain’s orders.

Artemis is an exciting new take on asymmetric cooperative multiplayer.

Whisper it, but it’s basically liveaction roleplaying with viewscreens. Without pausing to read any instructions or forum posts, the PC Gamer team flung itself into a randomly generated mission. What could possibly go... oh.

E3 2011: Star Trek trailer has Kirk, Spock and explosive decompression

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The new Star Trek game will be a third person action game set to continue the Kirk - Spock bromance initiated by the recent J. J. Abrams Star Trek reboot on the silver screen. It looks a bit like Mass Effect, but that's probably because the Mass Effect universe borrows so much from Star Trek. The footage above was taken from yesterday's Sony conference. The game is due out next year.