BioShock Infinite's ending explained, and what we think about it

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Spoiler Alert!Don’t read this post or its comments unless you’ve finished BioShock Infinite. Experience it for yourself so you can come back and analyze it with us when you’re done. Don't even scroll down a little. There are screenshots.

Those of you still reading can appreciate why we say that—the ending needs to be experienced fresh, but not talking about it is excruciating, even when your friends are cupping their ears. We’ve been going back and forth about Infinite for a few days, and that conversation comes in two flavors: the technical exercise of untangling all the interdimensional spaghetti, and our critical response to it.

Erik Wolpaw on Portal 2's ending: "the [spoiler] is probably lurking out there somewhere"

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Relax. All done now. Potatoes collected, game digested, portals spent.


Time for more Portal 2! After finishing both of Portal 2's campaigns we sat down with writer Erik Wolpaw to discuss what was – and wasn't – featured in the return to Aperture, the game's ending, and a lady with an especially sexy voice. Needless to say, if you haven't played Portal 2 to the end, this is spoiler PACKED. So don't read any further until you've completed the thing.