Postal 2

123 people have pledged real money so that Uwe Boll can make a Postal 2 movie

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As of writing, 123 people have pledged actual dollars on Kickstarter so that the infamous cinematic irritant Uwe Boll can make the movie Postal 2. Are you one of these people? Do you know one of these people? Can you find one of these people? Because if so, I would very much like to hear their explanation as to why. I guess the fact that Uwe Boll is crowdfunding this "film" is also news, of a sort. Especially because it looks so brutally stupid.

Do video games make people violent?

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The debate over the relationship between violent games and violent behavior continues inside and outside the United States. In its initial response to the tragedy in Newtown, CT, the US government said it intends to ask the Centers for Disease Control to “study the root causes of gun violence, including any relationship to video games and media images.” Critics cite studies that link aggression and violent games, claiming that interactivity as a component of games makes them unusually potent. One politician labeled games as "electronic child molesters."

It's an enormous and serious topic—one that we believe gamers shouldn't shrug off, but take it upon themselves to engage critics and fellow citizens on. In the interest of that, Logan, Evan, and Tyler hopped into our podcast studio (inappropriately, the room that makes it look most like we're inside an insane asylum) to talk about their personal relationship with violence in games.