Hybrid Memory Cube: after the revolution, your memory will be made of this

Dave James at

Hybrid Memory Cube. It’s a revolution! It’s a whole new take on... system memory. Damn, that’s most of the readers tuning out. But you there! Yes, you, the one reader who's stayed behind because Hybrid Memory Cube sounds kinda like something the Borg might use to replay Locutus’ greatest hits - let me tell you all about it.

First, let me hit you with the really important stat. A single Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) module should deliver fifteen times the performance of a single DDR3 module. And it will do it using less energy and much, much less space.

New SSD tech puts a terabit on a fingertip

Adam Oxford at

Memory meisters at Intel and Micron have announced a new addition to their joint range of NAND flash modules, capable of storing a terabit of data (128GB) on a chip the size of your finger tip.

Physically, that's between eight and sixteen times smaller than the chips commonly used in SSDs today. If the costs are right, it's big news for the little drives.