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SimCity dev: "We built this from the ground up to be a multiplayer game"

Owen Hill at

"We built this from the ground up to be a multiplayer game" says Jason Haber, producer on SimCity. He's been talking to us about the latest game in Maxis' series of city builders.

SimCity will require an internet connection each time you boot it up via Origin but, according to Jason, the restriction isn't about DRM. Not even a little bit.

Darkspore review

Dan Stapleton at

Why won’t Maxis let me play with its best toy? The awesome, Play-Doh-like Creature Creator that powered the wacky player-made monsters of Spore is a shadow of its former self in Darkspore, a loosely-affiliated hack-and-slash action RPG spin-off of Will Wright’s evolution game.

The modification you can do to your characters at the loot-equipping screen (which is essentially a crippled version of the Creature Creator) is limited to G.I. Joe-like functionality that only allows manipulation of accessories on 25 playable “hero” monsters that someone else already enjoyed the fun of creating. Being locked out of its creative power baffles me. Let’s pretend that we don’t know what we’re missing, though, and critique Darkspore’s colorful hack-and-slash gameplay for what it is: mildly entertaining with a lot of good ideas, most of which go awry.

Darkspore taking open beta sign ups

Tom Senior at

Darkspore is the spiritual successor to the cutesy evolution sim Spore. It's a Diablo style hack and slash game that lets you fight with a character customised using an enhanced version of Spore's fantastic creature creator, grafting living weapons and armour enhancements onto your creature as you find them. It's also launching and open beta, and is looking for people to sign up.