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Jonathan Blow teases VR support for The Witness

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Jonathan Blow, the frequently outspoken developer behind indie hit Braid and upcoming puzzle game The Witness, has posted a pair of pictures hinting that virtual reality support may be coming to the Myst-alike. The images feature the unmistakable double-vision familiar from every Oculus Rift game demo, and as pointed out by an eagle-eyed commenter on Blow’s site, the images are titled VR1 and VR2.

Jonathan Blow talks PS4 hardware: "equivalent game will run faster" than PC

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In an interview with Edge, Jonathan Blow has been talking about how the PS4's hardware stacks up against the PC. From the sounds of it, he's impressed, saying that "the equivalent game will run faster." Let's couch that in a heavy caveat before you rise up in righteous fury: Blow's area of interest is less in how many raw explosions a GPU can push into your eyes. "For The Witness we’re mostly interested in the base machine and how fast it is – the fact it has faster RAM than a PC."

The Witness' first official trailer is a thing to be seen

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Last night's PlayStation conference wasn't all about explosions, shootings, angry dragons, invasions of privacy and whatever it is that David Cage is on. Jonathon Blow also took to the stage to introduce the first proper look at his upcoming first-person puzzler The Witness. You could tell it was the token indie game of the night, what with the colours, and the jaunty recorder soundtrack, and the lack of people being stabbed.

Braid dev on Steam vs. consoles, and how platform bureaucracy "makes all games worse"

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Braid creator Jonathan Blow has posted an open letter on the ills of the bureaucratic requirements that major console companies demand of every game on their platform. He compares the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 to Steam and Apple, which let developers update their games quickly and freely with no need for lengthy official certification procedures, and suggests that future platforms will have to take a similar approach to be successful.

He writes: "The edge that both Apple and Valve have going into the future is that they both genuinely care about the end-user experience and want to make it as good as possible. (Their end-user experience is already way better than any of the consoles and they are always working to improve it). Which coincidentally seems to be the place that these consoles are handicapped due to their corporate culture. Can anyone look at the current 360 or PS3 dashboards and legitimately say that those are products of an entity that deeply cares about user experience?"

Indie Game: The Movie review

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Boys in their bedrooms, drop-out dreamers, shut-in gore fetishists - if ever a film were to quash the red-top stereotypes of game developers than this would surely be it. Indie Game: The Movie follows four of the most thoughtful, hard-working and sensitive young fellows you could probably find in this business or any other, and is both a clarion call for the thrilling creative freedom of independent development and a grim warning of its near-lethal stakes.

Indie Game: The Movie will be sold through Steam

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Astronomers, heed my call: have the stars that control the fate of digital distribution may entered some strange alignment? After releasing a board game earlier today, we learn that Steam will be selling a film on the service next month. Appropriately, it's Indie Game: The Movie.

The Kickstarted film has been popping up in theaters since March, and will also be available on iTunes when it releases on Steam on June 12. I wouldn't expect this—at the very most, Valve is testing the waters for selling other content with something that's highly relevant to gamers.

If you're wondering if Fez might make its way to PC, I'll refer you to a quote from creator Phil Fish made to NowGamer: “Fez is a console game, not a PC game. It’s made to be played with a controller, on a couch, on a Saturday morning. To me, that matters; that’s part of the medium. I get so many comments shouting at me that I’m an idiot for not making a PC version. ‘You’d make so much more money! Can’t you see? Meatboy sold more on Steam!’ Good for them. But this matters more to me than sales or revenue. It’s a console game on a console. End of story.”

Jonathan Blow talks Portal 2 and player freedom

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Jonathan Blow, developer of Braid and upcoming indie game, The Witness, has been talking to Edge about the negative effects that focus testing can have on games development. He uses Portal 2 to illustrate his point.

Braid creator's new game sneaks into PAX

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The Witness, a first person puzzle game coming from the creator of Braid, was secretly on display at PAX. It sat running on a machine without banners, leaflets, or reps, and anyone who felt compelled to play it could sit there for hours at a time. Many did. One was journalist Stephen Totilo, and he had his camera with him.