StarCraft pro-player IdrA transitioning to commentating after being fired

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Is there life after you get on an internet forum and insult a bunch of your fans? Things weren't looking great for notorious eSports personality Greg "IdrA" Fields after doing just that last week; the well-known pro StarCraft player was promptly removed from his team, Evil Geniuses. Over the weekend he did a YouTube interview with gaming show Real Talk, where he revealed that he probably wasn't going to try and find a home elsewhere—he's looking into commentating instead.

Evil Geniuses remove IdrA from their Starcraft 2 roster after the pro-player insulted fans

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Esports team Evil Geniuses have "released" Starcraft 2 pro Greg "IdrA" Fields from their roster, after he insulted the SC2 community in a forum post earlier in the week. The often contentious Zerg player posted in the Team Liquid forum's "The IdrA Fanclub" thread Wednesday morning, calling fans "a bunch of fucks" after one poster jokingly suggested he was "crying inside" because of "enforced facade."

MLG Winter Championship Day 2 Notes and Highlights: IdrA's Very Bad Day

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The MLG Winter Championship at Columbus concludes today, starting at 10 AM Eastern and the Championship Finals commence at 6 PM Eastern. Before we find out who this season's top StarCraft 2 player is, however, we should revisit the action from yesterday.

One of the big storylines going into this tournament was Greg "IdrA" Fields' streak of bad competition performances. Columbus was an opportunity to put that behind him, and show that he remains a top foreign Zerg player.