Dota 2 officially free to play, all heroes will be free, store to sell community-created items

Evan Lahti at

Unusually close to our bedtime, Valve has launched Dota 2's microtransaction shop as it formally declares the game free to play. Click here to read the fancy Dota 2 Store announcement page.

We expected Dota 2 to be a free-to-play game—that's barely news. But more noteworthy is the confirmation that all of the game's playable heroes will be free with no limitations, that Dota 2 will utilize Steam Workshop, and that, like TF2, the Dota Store will be putting player-made items on sale. 67 items are in Dota 2's section of the Steam Workshop now, and almost 200 are in the Dota Store.

Dota 2 will release on PC later this year, Valve says. Expect a big coming-out party for the game during The International at PAX Prime.

Dota 2 site launches with IceFrog Q&A

Tom Senior at

The official site has launched for Dota 2, and it features a long Q&A with IceFrog, the game's main developer and creator of DotA Allstars. Read on for the latest info on Valve's remake of the classic Warcraft 3 mod.