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Pathologic developers are considering a remake of the horror RPG

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Pathologic is a weird game. It's an interesting, atmospheric and creepy open-world horror. It's also not very good. The annoying part is that its failings are actually quite mundane: dodgy translation, numerous bugs, generally janky execution. It's impossibly ambitious, but made base and decrepit by the skin that it inhabits. Apt, but disappointing.

Its own developers seem to agree, and are talking about "resurrecting" the game. It's far from certain at this point, but it does sound like they're considering the possibility of a remake.

Happiness is overrated: Pathologic now on GOG

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Whenever I think a game couldn't get any weirder, Pathologic always reminds me that a stranger adventure awaits. It's the kind of game that doesn't budge from your mind after you experience its philosophical challenges and exquisitely unnerving atmosphere, an uneasiness unexpectedly helped along by an obtuse English translation and cryptic language. If you're seeking a horror game of a more disturbing nature instead of jumpscare chains, GOG's newest $10 addition is for you.

Cargo! demo! Out now!

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Here's a wonderful slice of free insanity for a Friday. Ice-Pick Lodge's vibrant entertain-'em-up has you building bizarre contraptions to amuse a race of naked baby-men. The new demo throws you onto a small island to learn the ways of the weird new world, in which you must collect and sacrifice objects to the gods to unlock new items. These can then be put together in the editor mode to create new vehicles or strange machines to inspire the island's inhabitants, generating "fun" that can be used to buy more impressive stuff, like steamships. The 800MB demo is available to download from the Cargo! site now. There's nothing quite like it.

Cargo! trailer drops a steamship from orbit

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Ice Pick Lodge are best known for the dark and strange survival horror, The Void, but they've taken a very different direction with their next game, Cargo, swapping moody existentialism for giant penguins.

The aim of the game is to entertain tiny fat naked baby-men, so that you can use the "fun" they produce to buy new objects from the sky. The video above gives us the first footage of the creation tools that will let you combine these bought objects into vehicles and other contraptions. It looks bonkers but wonderful.

New Cargo! screens show mechanical birds and tiny baby-men

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In Cargo! a bored god has turned gravity off, sending everything on earth hurtling off into space. As one of the last remaining humans it's down to you to entertain a race of tiny, bald baby-men called Brats to generate fun, which can then be spent to buy Earth's objects back. You can then combine these objects into wild contraptions that can better entertain the tiny populace. Read on for a selection of brand new screens fresh front he weird and wonderful world of Cargo!