Transformers Universe Founders program includes $450 Cybernite pack

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Developer Jagex Games could have made Transformers Universe a MOBA, but instead it calls the game a MOTA (massively online tactical action game). Which, really, is a unique name for a third-person, class-based multiplayer action game. Maybe a little bit like Smite, but with a few Transformers-specific twists. If that sounds like something you're ready to pay for, the developer announced its Founder's program today.

Transformers Universe trailers show off two new characters

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By now you might be a little confused about what Transformers Universe is. The game was first announced in 2011 as an MMO. Then, just last month, developer Jagex announced that Transformers Universe is in fact a massively online tactical action game, or MOTA, which clearly evokes MOBAs. If you look at the two recently released trailers, however, Transformers Universe looks most like a class-based multiplayer action game (maybe a little bit like Smite) with a few Transformers-specific twists.

E3 2011: Neverwinter teaser trailer arrives, new site launched

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Nothing says 'high fantasy RPG' better than a shot of an ancient tome burning away and a voice-over declaring "THIS CITY PROMISES DEATH FOR THE MEEK."

It's been a while since we heard anything about Neverwinter, and it seems to have slimmed down a bit in the interim. It's now referred to as a co-op action RPG, not an MMO. It's built on on D&D rules that'll have you and four friends (or NPC companions) grouping together to take on quests.

Cryptic promise a strong storyline, but also want players to be able to create their own adventures using an "extremely user friendly content generation system, tentatively named Forge." Cryptic developed similar tools, also called 'The Forge' for their Star Trek Online MMO. There's no solid release date for this one just yet. Check out the newly launched Neverwinter site for more.

Transformers MMO arriving in 2012

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Jagex have just announced that they're working on a Transformers MMO. The UK-based company are best known for their browser based, free-to-play MMO Runescape, and specialise in free-to-play online games funded by microtransactions. Beyond the 2012 release date, no details have been announced, but a massively multiplayer Autobot vs. Decepticon war is a pretty exciting idea. What would you like to see from a Transformers MMO, aside from robots?