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Battleborn, Gearbox's new "triple-A hero-shooter," promises FPS gunplay and MOBA-like strategy

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Gearbox Software's next big thing is Battleborn, an "ambitious fusion of genres" that combines the action of multiplayer first-person shooters with the co-operative combat elements more commonly seen in MOBAs. It sounds vaguely reminiscent of the Borderlands games but publisher 2K Games says we've never played anything like it before.

Tales from the Borderlands interview with Telltale's Kevin Bruner

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Telltale's Tales from the Borderlands is on display at E3 2014, and features editor Wes Fenlon got a first look at the Walking Dead developer's newest game. Here, Wes talks to Telltale president Kevin Bruner about how the studio started collaborating with Borderlands creator Gearbox Software, and how the team switches up the mood from zombie survival to sci-fi comedy.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel gameplay video is 16 minutes of lunar lunacy

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Pandora is Borderland's primary globular playground, but why should one celestial body get all the fun? Spanning the time between the first and second games, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel sends us to the dusty crags and canyons of Pandora's moon, home of that giant H-shaped Hyperion mothership and the stage for Handsome Jack's rise to CEO overlord. We've seen it in action, and now you can as well with a lengthy playthrough tour video from co-developers 2K Australia and Gearbox.

Gearbox has more Borderlands DLC in development, but don't expect as much

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If you follow the happenings of Pandora with any form of regularity, chances are you know Gearbox is pumping out Borderlands 2 DLC past what was originally promised (and paid for) in the original Season Pass.

Gearbox: More Borderlands 2 DLC coming, new IP in development

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It’s easy to imagine Borderlands 2’s trail of DLC ending with an adventure in Tiny Tina’s schizophrenic mind, but CEO and President of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford has different plans.

Duke Nukem Forever developer sues Gearbox for unpaid royalties

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Colonial Marines devs TimeGate Studios reportedly laying off all staff

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Last week, we heard that Aliens: Colonial Marines co-developers TimeGate had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection following poor reception of the game and a false advertising lawsuit. As of today, Kotaku reports that its sources are saying the studio's staff has been laid off.

Gearbox writes off Aliens false advertising lawsuit as "frivolous litigation"

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In the face of false advertising claims, both Gearbox and SEGA are keeping their cool. Following news earlier this week that a Californian law firm will file a class action lawsuit claiming the companies falsely advertised Aliens: Colonial Marines, both have written off the claims as without merit. In statements provided to Kotaku, both companies shrug the claims off, with varying degrees of flippancy.

Gearbox and Sega to defend against claims of Aliens: Colonial Marines false advertising

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All manner of outrage followed the launch of Aliens: Colonial Marines. Not only was the finished product pretty average, but it paled in comparison to early demo footage. Many felt they'd been rorted. That sentiment will be tested in a court of law soon, because Californian law firm Edelson LLC yesterday filed a suit on behalf of one Damion Perrine, claiming that demos of the game at events including PAX and E3 were not indicative of the final product.

Gearbox now owns the Homeworld franchise

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Borderlands developer Gearbox Software has just announced its acquisition of the Homeworld franchise. In the wake of THQ's bankruptcy, the cult classic space RTS was one of the last few licenses up for grabs when most of the publisher's former assets were auctioned off back in January. Gearbox's Chief Creative Officer, Brian Martel, reportedly "personally spearheaded the acquisition."

Gearbox details Borderlands 2 level, ammo, and inventory increase update

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Gearbox has posted a list of what to expect in an upcoming free update for Borderlands 2 that prepares Pandora for its incoming Ultimate Vault Hunter DLC and a level-cap increase to 61. Somewhat confusingly, a new Ultimate Vault Hunter mode will arrive in the patch everyone gets, but the similarly titled $5 DLC is where the extra levels, skill points, and weapons all reside.

Borderlands animated short film in the works from 2K and university students

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The off-the-wall Borderlands games wouldn't feel out of place as part of some alternate-reality, sadistic, Saturday-morning cartoon lineup, but both Gearbox and 2K want to make that scenario a reality. Partnering up with the Academy of Art University, the companies are launching a Borderlands Cooperative to invite the school's animation students to storyboard and produce an animated Borderlands short film for release later this year.

Aliens: Colonial Marines mods duct-tape on DirectX 10 features, improved lighting effects

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Well, that was fast. Only a little over 24 hours have passed since Aliens: Colonial Marines emerged from its dark alcove, but graphics mods are already becoming available. Two such offerings are the DirectX 10 and SweetFX add-ons which spruce up shadows, lighting, and color palettes for something a bit more reminiscent of the films' murky tones and cool hues.

Aliens: Colonial Marines patch doctors doorways, acid spit

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The word "door" appears no less than five times in the first patch for Aliens: Colonial Marines. It's a hefty day-one update for Gearbox's FPS, tweaking issues encountered in the campaign, co-op, and multiplayer, but the fact that more silly-sounding problems—NPCs passing through welded doors or bullets not passing through an open doorway—are being quashed just after the game's launch suggests Gearbox's smart-guns met trouble when targeting bugs during development.

Aliens: Colonial Marines review

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Late in the campaign you find yourself fighting through the xenomorph-haunted hallways of Hadley’s Hope. You are accompanied by Private O’Neal, a smartgun-toting jarhead. He’s the model of an FPS sidekick: a bottomless font of bullets and exposition who always knows what the plot requires him to know and occasionally - just occasionally - needs you to watch his back while he hacks a door. The two of you turn a corner in time to see an anonymous marine get hoisted into a ventilation shaft by a xenomorph’s lunging tail-spike.

Borderlands 2's Tiny Tina accused of conveying racism, writer says he may change her in future

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The Borderlands 2 character Tiny Tina came under fire last night, as a Twitter discussion between the game's lead writer, Anthony Burch, and some of the game's players raised the question of whether her characterisation was racist. In the game, Tina - an explosives expert, and child - speaks using African American lingo, in a way that one Twitter user compared to "verbal blackface".

Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC plans include $30 Season Pass

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After many years growing in its slimy cocoon, Aliens: Colonial Marines will finally come out on February 12. Though Gearbox hasn't talked about post-launch DLC plans, a ping on Polygon's motion tracker shows a $30 Season Pass for the incoming FPS lurking on GameStop's digital storefront.

Gearbox: Borderlands 2 level cap increase by March

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The latest adventure for Borderlands 2's Vault Hunters involves knocking the loot-stuffing out of Pandora's deadliest creatures in the Sir Hammerlock DLC, but why stop the madness there? Gearbox has planned a level cap increase beyond 50 for some time, and speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Gearbox Producer James Lopez said we'll see more levels sometime during the year's first quarter which ends in March.

Aliens: Colonial Marines system requirements are eating your face

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If it feels like Aliens: Colonial Marines has been in production for yeaaaars, that's because it has. Remember when it was announced as a squad shooter in which you could direct AI teammates a la Star Wars: Republic Commando? Perhaps not. It was way back in 2008, and the pitch has changed somewhat since then. Still, it's an excuse to go toe to toe with the most memorable monsters in movie history, which is all the more reason to hope it'll turn out okay. Aliens has always struggled a little to make it in videogame form, which is odd given how videogamey the second film was.

Oh yes, Videogamer have the system specs, which you'll find below.

Borderlands 2 Sir Hammerlock DLC releases January 15, trailer shows sparkly teeth

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Borderlands 2's dapper gentleman hunter Sir Hammerlock was always around to aid the struggle against Handsome Jack from his remote safehouse, but now he's getting more involved by inviting the Vault Hunters on an expedition they can't refuse. Or maybe they can. If they do, they'll be skipping Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, the next DLC for Gearbox's loot-tastic RPG. It releases on January 15 for an expected price of $10/£6 or free for Season Pass holders.