Natural Selection 2 gets free weekend, sale, new trailer to celebrate both

Tom Sykes at

If you're thinking of buying Natural Selection 2 in the next few hours, you might want to hold off until 5PM UK time/1PM EDT, as the asymmetrical multiplayer RTS/shooter has been selected, naturally, to get a big fat 50% off Steam sale. For those that prefer to try before you die, there's going to be a nice long free weekend as well, with the weekend having been (seemingly) reclassified to include Thursday and Friday. Hey, I'm not complaining. Head here to reap the rewards, but be sure to check out the following action-heavy trailer before you depart, as Unknown Worlds have made it specially for the occasion. You can tell it's made with love, and not with pure molten hate, because it doesn't feature a single semi-quaver of dubstep.

Nuclear Dawn review

Duncan Geere at

The year is 2049. A third world war has ravaged the planet, splitting humanity under two banners – the totalitarian Empire, and democratic Consortium of Free States. Nanite plagues have stripped most major cities bare, and fighting rages in every territory across the world. The biggest gun I have ever seen – seriously, it’s huge – is inexplicably mounted on Big Ben.

That’s the setting for Nuclear Dawn, a class-based multiplayer shooter that manages to take all the best mechanics of Team Fortress 2, but strips it of its cartoony silliness and adds a layer of serious-face real-time strategy over the top. Most of the time, you play from an FPS viewpoint as a footsoldier in one of the aforementioned armies, battling over a series of checkpoints that generate a steady stream of resources for the side that controls them.