Code Hero

Code Hero creator responds to abandonware allegations

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We first mentioned Code Hero's curious plan to teach code literacy with a gun that shoots JavaScript in our indie ideas roundup. Developer Primer Labs wrangled a successful Kickstarter campaign for Code Hero back in February and released an alpha version shortly after. Since then, Primer Labs has been quiet, and one backer claimed yesterday that the lack of communication was due to "reckless spending" by creator Alex Peake. Peake has since spoken up, and in a statement released on Primer Labs' website, he gave firm assurance that Code Hero "isn't dead."

Eureka! The brightest ideas in indie gaming

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Great ideas are exhilarating. When we have them, we turn them over and over in our heads like glassmakers folding molten silica, shaping our glowing gems. They stick to us. But then comes something agonizing: actually realizing them. Doubt and fear creep in. What if it doesn't work? Experimentation is risk.

Brave independent game developers have the freedom to take that risk, and we love when they do. After witnessing a magnificent indie showing earlier this month at PAX Prime, we gathered a list of the boldest new ideas being crafted by indie studios. Some of these games were new to us only weeks ago, while others have been forming for a while, but they're all built on ideas we're excited to talk about.