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BlizzCon 2014 dates and prices announced

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Time to dust off that Kerrigan cosplay custom and maybe save some money. Blizzard just announced the dates and location for BlizzCon 2014, when tickets will go on sale, and for how much.

Blizzard trademarks "The Dark Below," possibly a Diablo 3 expansion [Update]

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Update: A new Diablo 3 teaser site has emerged, titled Reaper of Souls. The site quotes 'The Book of Tyrael', saying "Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all". We'll find out more at Gamescom, but if Reaper of Souls is the name of the new expansion, what's 'The Dark Below'? Possibly something WoW related?

Original: We've known for a couple weeks that Blizzard will be making an announcement "sure to capture the attention of the Heavens, Burning Hells and all the shadowed places that lie between" at Gamescom later this month. That's about as on-the-nose as it could possibly get without sending out a press release saying "Hey guys, Diablo 3 expansion!" Considering the timing, Blizzard's newly-filed trademark for "The Dark Below" is likely to be the title of said expansion.

Diablo 3 gets a new game director

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Diablo 3 's new game director, Josh Mosqueira, got his start at Blizzard working to convert the popular and controversial action-RPG for console play, according to a new blog post. Mosqueira writes that some possible upcoming tweaks include changes to character customization and loot drops, as well as a reduction of the auction house's effect of the game.

Blizzard's Titan MMO is being overhauled; won't see light of day until 2016

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Blizzard's long-in-production MMO won't be here for a while. Codenamed 'Titan', the game first emerged in 2007 and then, in 2010, the company officially acknowledged it. But according to a report over at VentureBeat, the new IP won't see the light of day until at least 2016, citing a complete overhaul of the project as the reason.

Diablo 3 one year anniversary infographic unleashes hellishly huge numbers

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Diablo 3 has been out for just a little over a year, and Blizzard has burned the cooldown on its Infernal Horadric Ring of Visualizing Statistics to bring us the infographic inside this post. Among the notable figures: Players have spent over 930 years of play time in D3 collectively, the average number of daily players is over two million, and about 67 million characters have been created in total.

StarCraft turns 15, wants you to just leave it alone and stop ruining its life

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A decade and a half ago, I strolled into a Kmart with a plastic pencil case full of saved-up change to buy a game called StarCraft. At the time, no one could have expected it to become the dominant competitive RTS for 15 years. Its sequel, which just received a first expansion earlier this year, is growing in popularity with over $1.6 million in prizes available for competitive play for the 2013 season.

StarCraft 2 developer AMA reveals why some things had to be cut from HotS, the problem with pro player feedback

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The developers of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm recently did an AMA on Reddit, which brought to light some very interesting answers on everything from expansion features that didn't make it, to eSports, to release timetables. Game Director Dustin Browder (whom I interviewed not long ago) took point, providing responses to some of the community's most pressing inquiries.

Sam Raimi blames Blizzard for delays on World of Warcraft movie

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It's hard to believe that we've been hearing rumors of the World of Warcraft movie's pre-production for more than half a decade. The project finally seems to be moving forward, indicated by the announcement of Duncan Jones as new director in January, but the man he replaced, Sam Raimi, recently shared some insights into the nature of the film's delays.

Three things you probably didn't know about StarCraft lore

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Blizzard has been posting an ongoing series of StarCraft lore Q&As with Heart of the Swarm lead writer Brian Kindregan. They're up to seven entries now, and you can read the latest one here, which links to all previous editions. We've extracted some of the more interesting and less-known facts for those who may not have the same voracious appetite for setting fluff as a certain, unnamed contributor to this site.

50 tips to get the most from Mists of Pandaria

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As Mists of Pandaria launches, we bring you our list of the 50 things you should check out to get the most from the new World of Warcraft Expansion.

Win one of seven Mists of Pandaria strategy guides

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BradyGames have announced their Official Strategy Guide for Mists of Pandaria, and, to celebrate, they're letting us give away seven of them.

Diablo 3 intro cinematic is all "powers of hell" this, "coming darkness" that. You should watch it

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Man, Blizzard make good CGI. Well played, Blizzard CGI people.

Diablo III interview—What diehard Diablo II fans can expect from D3

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Change can be hard. When Diablo III's aesthetic direction was first revealed, parts of the Diablo II community erupted with complaints, claiming that the graphics weren't in the true spirit of the Diablo series. But what about the gameplay itself? As a hardcore D2 player, with plenty of alts, gear, and Stone of Jordans stashed away in the bank, I wanted to know what Diablo III would offer to players who consider themselves intimately familiar with D2's mechanics. We asked D3's senior technical game designer Wyatt Cheng and senior game designer Andrew Chambers about what parallels we could expect from the next installment. We were surprised by what's actually making it into the game, and it's great getting insight into Blizzard's viewpoint on hardcore gamers.

Diablo III feature: Blizzard's plans to satisfy their fanbase and still deliver a fresh experience

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