Blizzard All-Stars

Blizzard MOBA renamed Heroes of the Storm

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Blizzard’s hotly anticipated multiplayer online battle arena game has been through a few iterations—first as Blizzard DOTA then as Blizzard All-Stars—but has now revealed its final form. Heroes of the Storm will be a crossover MOBA featuring characters from the Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo franchises.

Blizzard's Project Titan now "unlikely" to be a subscription MMO

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Last night, Activision Blizzard reported their second quarter financial earnings. The majority of the conference call focused on the publisher's ongoing split with Vivendi, and just how rich the Call of Duties have made everyone. But, during the Blizzard section, Mike Morhaime revealed some brief information about their still-unannounced project, codenamed Project Titan. He also gave a fuller picture of World of Warcraft's recent subscriber decline.

Blizzard All-Stars MOBA will likely be stand-alone, free-to-play

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With League of Legends dominating the MOBA scene (in terms of total players), Dota 2 trying to close the gap, and Heroes of Newerth... still existing, it's been a while since we heard anything about Blizzard's competitor. Renamed Blizzard All-Stars after Valve won the commercial rights to "Dota," things have been quieter on the subject than team chat in solo cue. Last week, however, Eurogamer put down some wards and was able to get some interesting info from StarCraft II production director Chris Sigaty. It seems Blizzard may be planning to release All-Stars stand-alone, with a free-to-play model.

Blizzard and Valve make nice over DOTA trademark

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Blizzard Entertainment and Valve announced in a press release today that an agreement has been reached, after a long dispute, over the use of the name DOTA, originally an abbreviation for the fan-made Warcraft III map Defense of the Ancients. Valve will retain the commercial trademark to DOTA, and will not be required to change the name of their upcoming title DOTA 2, a stand-alone sequel to the Warcraft III map.