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Why you should play Planescape: Torment

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The Kickstarter for Torment: Tides of Numenera has been a resounding success thus far. A success that would not have been possible without its storied predecessor, Planescape: Torment. The 1999 RPG is widely heralded as one of the best-written games of all time. But is it still enjoyable to pick up for the first time, over 12 years later, without the benefit of nostalgia? We have the answer.

Thorvalla is a Norse-themed RPG from one of the producers of Planescape: Torment

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A Kickstarter has gone live for Thorvalla, a new "old school" computer RPG being created by Planescape: Torment producer Guido Henkel. Set in a Norse-influenced fantasy universe where people tame and ride dragons, the project follows in the footsteps of some other Black Isle alumni that did pretty well for themselves with Project Eternity. Henkel is asking for a million dollars, slightly less than the original goal that Obsidian thoroughly crushed, but details on the game are currently very scarce.

PC Gamer US Podcast #327 - Pixel Blood

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Don't call it a comeback: T.J. is misguidedly given dominion over the podcast for a second week running as we discuss whether the new Black Isle Studios has anything to do with the old Black Isle Studios, what our plans are for the launch of Guild Wars 2, and whether we will actually see the World of Darkness MMO before the apocalypse. Plus, new DayZ storytime from Evan, T.J. proposes to Crusader Kings II, and Tyler asks new Associate Editor Omri Petitte what (railgun) is best in life?

Saddle up for the content-crammed extravaganza that is PC Gamer US Podcast 327: Pixel Blood

Interplay casts resurrect on Black Isle Studios

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Well, this is a pleasant punch of the nostalgia button: Fallout and Icewind Dale creator Black Isle Studios breathes life anew.

50 copies of Baldur's Gate up for grabs

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Not only did Good Old Games recently come back from the fake-dead, they dragged Baldur's Gate back with them. GOG aren't the only masters of the dark arts around here: we've managed to conjure up 50 keys for BioWare's RPG classic. All you have to do to win one is post in the comments below. Read on for details.