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Mass Effect moves house, BioWare Edmonton planning "whole new fictional universe"

Phil Savage at

In a panel at PAX East, Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson has given some details about the next entry in the series. Okay, so 'details' might be a little strong. 'Vague hints of the studio's development plans' is probably closer to the mark. Hudson did, however, also give a similarly cryptic teaser about the existence of a brand new fictional universe being developed by BioWare Edmonton.

New Mass Effect helmed by Bioware Montreal, uses Frostbite engine, adds new gameplay

Marsh Davies at

Following the announcement of a new Mass Effect game, and an invitation to contribute ideas to it, Bioware are now passing the baton for the franchise's future development from its Edmonton crew to the company's Montreal studio. And that's not the only change for the series: the new game will set aside Unreal in favour of Battlefield's Frostbite engine and there are hints of significant changes to the game's formula, too. Fingers-crossed for that rhythm-action Krogan-boffing minigame we've all been waiting for!