Bill Gardner

Irrational: ultra-photorealism in BioShock Infinite "isn't our goal"

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One of the best ways to flex the graphical muscle of our machines is seeing how close we can bring virtual visuals to the real thing. It's not the absolute definition of fidelity, though, and some games—the BioShock family, for instance—dip into a heavily stylized look for a more fantastical approach to beauty. Speaking to CVG in an interview, Irrational Design Director Bill Gardner states clinging to realism isn't one of the studio's aims and shares his thoughts on the "misconception" of gamers solely desiring photo-like graphics.

BioShock Infinite goes gold, Irrational says it cut enough content to "make five or six games"

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It's time to make sure your tickets are in order and your tweed vests are properly packed in your steamer trunks, because the (sky)train to BioShock: Infinite's floating metropolis is on schedule to depart on March 26. That is, Irrational's Ken Levine wrote in a blog post that the game has gone gold.