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Dwarf Fortress 0.40.01 released, in-game graphics now possible

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Yesterday, the monumental Dwarf Fortress received its first update in two years: update 0.40.01. The patch notes include various baffling and excellent sentences like "megabeasts/forgotten beasts can attack, destroy and then reside within world gen sites like dwarf fortresses" and "startled people climb up the walls of their homes a little too often"—you can find the full breakdown on the DF site. Perhaps the most interesting part of this latest development is what it more or less breaks—the in-game graphics that are now possible with the latest version of Stonesense, the Dwarf Fortress visualiser that until now has only been able to run alongside the game. Now this can be integrated into the main game proper, albeit more stably if you choose to use it on the older version of DF from 2012. Details below.

Dwarf Fortress update coming in July, the first in two years

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Two years is a long time to wait for a new version of a videogame in development, but Dwarf Fortress is more than just a game. It's an "art project that has been in production for over ten years," as the most recent Bay 12 Games report puts it. And a new version is finally on the way.

Dwarf Fortress update adds "secret vampire dwarves" and werewolf invasions

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Remarkable indie adventure generator, Dwarf Fortress has just received a great big update. Version 0.34.01 is now free to download from the official site, adding fresh new ways for your Dwarves to die horribly. Vampire dwarves can infiltrate your settlements and full moons bring the added threat of werewolf invasion. More unpleasantly, "Ingested syndromes are now possible" in adventure mode, so you'll have to watch what you eat when exploring the new cities present in the latest update.

There are some gems in the bug fix list as well. "Demons masquerading as gods will try a little harder" and the devs have "restricted mandates so they'll be more reasonable." Thank heavens for that! Find the rest of the patch notes below. For more Dwartress, check out our Dwarf Fortress diary, a tale of seven drunk dwarves and their quest to reach hell.

Community heroes: Tarn Adams, for Dwarf Fortress

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This week, we're still interviewing some of PC gaming's greatest heroes - the pillars of the community who have devoted huge chunks of time and love to make the PC a better place to game. Today, we've got an interview with Tarn Adams - one of the two brothers behind Dwarf Fortress, the ASCII Dwarf civilisation simulator that still produces some of the most amazing stories in gaming.