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Electronic Arts plans a "fundamental shift" in how it makes games, says CEO

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There was a time when Electronic Arts was literally the worst company in America. That time was last year, actually, and even though it managed to avoid the three-peat in 2014, there's no question that EA has a long way to go to shed its less-than-sterling reputation. Fortunately for those concerned about such things, CEO Andrew Wilson has a plan.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson wants to treat Star Wars games like Batman Arkham series

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Since Electronic Arts and Disney agreed last year to team up and produce games in the Star Wars universe, we've haven't heard much about what they have in mind other than a new take on Battlefront. That being said, a new interview with EA CEO Andrew Wilson at CNN Money makes it clear the publisher plans to go its own way rather than tie its games to the stories being developed for the next set of Star Wars films.

EA's new CEO: "I envision EA as the World's Greatest Games Company"

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EA has a new CEO: VP of EA Sports Andrew Wilson took the throne today, filling the seat John Riccitiello left behind in March. In a blog post, Wilson describes a plan to keep on doin' what they're doin', saying that EA's strategy is sound, and that continued investment in next-gen consoles and "mobile and PC free-to-play" is the thing to do.

EA intends to "re-establish Origin as a service to gamers"

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EA Sports Executive Vice President Andrew Wilson's tasks now include management of the publisher's digital distribution service, Origin, and he's taken it upon himself to give it a makeover, aiming for its initial vision as a "service to gamers."