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2D Boy's Carmel explains indie exodus from XBLA

Rob Zacny at

It's been clear for awhile that Xbox has an indie problem, but 2D Boy's Ron Carmel (World of Goo) has published a further explanation over at Gamasutra. Along the way, he details how the experience of developing for Steam or the App Store differs from Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA), and why that's motivating developers to take their games elsewhere.

Using a survey of indie developers he conducted for a 2010 talk, and another, more recent survey, Carmel shows just how alienated indie developers have become from Microsoft, and why it is so important to have an open, developer-friendly platform and marketplace. It's a great piece of analysis, well-worth reading in its entirety, but two items in particular stand out.

Inside the Indie Fund: a better deal for developers

Matt Purslow at

At a panel at GDC, the team behind the Indie Fund - an experiment in successful indie developers putting funds to their peers - revealed the success, failures, and the first batch of three games that have received cash.

The fund launched in 2010, with not just the intention of making great games, but to improve the situations indie game developers find themselves in when negotiating with publishers. The Fund team is compirsed of some stellar indie talent; among them members of 2D Boy (World of Goo), Number None (Braid) and thatgamecompany (Flow). Games developers that receive Indie Fund money own their own IP, and pay back their investment in fairer terms. If their game fails to recoup costs, then the developer is relieved of their debts after three years.

Read on for the details, and videos of three promising titles.

Games for Windows Marketplace selling a game a day for 99 cents

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From now until Wednesday next week, the relaunched Games for Windows Marketplace will sell a different game every day for just 99 cents/75p. Today's deal is on Deus Ex, but you'll have to catch it quick before it's replaced by another game in about an hour. There's also a great weekly deal on the site selling the the brilliant puzzler, World of Goo for $5 / £3.75. A great price for a great game.