Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub will boast Steam Workshop support

Sega's Mega Drive catalogue (or Genesis catalogue, if you're in North America) has been on Steam for a while, but according to an announcement today it's getting a revamp – with Steam Workshop support. The Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub is a container app that provides access to all the Mega Drive games you own on Steam. It's basically a simulation of an early '90s bedroom and, as the video below demonstrates, it's just a fancy way to access the games themselves.

The hub will be free to anyone who already owns a Mega Drive game on Steam, and launches on April 28. More interesting is that the hub will usher in Steam Workshop support for all Mega Drive classics, which, in Sega's own words, allows users "to share modified versions of your favourite retro SEGA titles".

The announcement doesn't elaborate on any Workshop-related features, but it's good news for anyone who likes to tweak old games, and especially for those who want to revisit them in a new light. The hub also introduces local co-op support for relevant titles, optional graphical enhancements and full controller and keyboard support.

It's pretty cool, but despite the hub footage below looking a neat fit for VR, no such support has been confirmed as yet. It's probably only a matter of time, though. For a full list of supported games, check out Sega's announcement, but it's safe to say that if you own an old Mega Drive game on Steam, it'll be supported.


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