Minecraft video recreates the Battle of Hoth in block form

Tom Senior

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Today's most adorable internet thing may well prove to be the storm trooper skins featured in this new video from Paradise Decay , which recreates the Battle of Hoth in Minecraft. Creator Grahame hasn't used any additional mods to support to film, it's all in-game camerawork. The video's helped along by a terrific map, featuring towering AT-ATs, that famous power generator and a warren of rebel tranches.

Paradise Decay is responsible for the awesome Rise of the Rebellion map , a mega build that uses custom textures to deliver a cubist Star Wars adventure for intrepid Minecraft adventure pack connoisseurs. It looks like the Hoth video is set in Grahame's new map, Rise of the Empire , which he's hoping to release later this year. It'll let you play as the Empire, "hunting down the rebels who have stolen crucial Death Star Schematics." Get a closer look in the time lapse build footage and Battle for Hoth video below.

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