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Tom Hatfield

Earlier today we saw the first screens from Game of Thrones: Genesis . I went through my usual train of thought when Game of Thrones is mentioned; first I remember how awesome is is, then I remember what a twat Joffrey is, then I watch this video of Tyrion slapping him in the face on a loop for ten minutes and all is right with the world.

Check inside for a selection of cold, northern PC gaming news.

  • Eurogamer reveal Batman: Arkham City... the album.
  • CVG report that the first free Driver: San Franscisco DLC in the works.
  • VG247 have some more information on Borderlands 2.
  • Develop report that both Blizzard and Valve are pursuing interested in cross platform play with consoles.
  • Speaking to Edge , Philip Reisberger of Bigpoint has criticised Valve, EA and Ubisoft's monetisation models.
  • Eurogamer has a full list of features for Call of Duty Elite.
  • The developers of Hard Reset talk to Ars Technica about working on the PC.

Readers! Why is Tyrion so awesome? (flag spoilers please)

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