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Competitive Minesweeper

Have you ever met anyone called Killian? Is it a real name? If it isn't now, it will be next year when Prey 2 is released. Then we'll all get to play as Killian the free-running, bounty hunter Sheriff stuck on an alien planet, tracking down leads and shooting aliens on a Blade Runner inspired desert world. Actually, now I write it all out, that sounds pretty great.

But what else has been going on in PC gaming? Let us tell you all about it with this list of condensed, newsy awesomeness. Read on for a look at the world of competitive Minesweeper, more details on Magicka Vietnam and the leaked treatment of the aborted Fallout film.

  • Here's your introduction to the little known world of competitive Minesweeper.
  • There's going to be a Crysis 2 comic book mini-series to bridge the story gap between the two games.
  • The Crysis 2 devs have been out and about, talking about DRM and the challenges of developing for multiple platforms instead of just the PC.
  • TenTonHammer have a chat with the Magicka devs about napalm spells and a cover system for Magicka Vietnam.
  • There's some controversy over whether EA and Bioware included SecureRom in Dragon Age 2 without any indication on the box.
  • CVG learn that EA are planning to ditch printed game manuals.
  • There was going to be a Fallout movie. The film treatment has been leaked.
  • DICE are thinking about bringing 3D to Battlefield 3.

EA aren't making print manuals anymore? Nyoooo! Actually, a part of me is quite sad. The days of the bible-sized flight simulator manuals could be fading, and comedy booklets like the Hitman: Blood Money manual may be a thing of the past. What do you think, do you ever read gaming manuals? Would you miss them?