Fabulous giveaway: win a copy of ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead

Evan Lahti at

operation arrowhead giveaway

ArmA 2 is many things. It's a passable flight sim. It's an often shockingly-realistic shooter. It's a robust map and scenario editor. It's a realiable way to shoot down Santa Claus with an anti-aircraft gun. It's an authentic depiction of battle goats.

We (well, I) like ArmA 2. And its stand-alone, desert-set expansion is the best way to play it. We've got three copies to give away. Want one? Comment on this post with a mention of your favorite weapon, vehicle, or other equipment in Operation Arrowhead (here's a list) by Friday, August 13--we'll private message the winners through their PC Gamer account.

Your prizes are in safe hands.