You showed us your custom Mass Effect: Andromeda characters

Video submitted by commenter Slowrider8. It is glorious.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is finally out in the wild, and with it comes another wave of terrifying custom characters to look oggle. While some of the facial presets are alright, it's always more fun to dive into an editor and see what sort of person you can make. We spent some time playing with the editor and found it wasn't very advanced, but there's still the potential to express your sense of style—even if your character will inevitably have trouble expressing anything well at all when they get into the actual game. 

Last week we put out the call for all of you to show us what you did with Andromeda's character creator, and you responded with screenshots, gifs, and even the video above from commenter Slowrider8. Here are some of our favorite Pathfinders from the PC Gamer community, whether they be well crafted or just very weird. Flip through the gallery below to see them all. 

Tom Marks
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