You know you want this mod that lets you ride giant ducks and chickens in Skyrim

Breaking news! The moment you've been waiting for since 2011, when Skyrim was first released, is finally here, and even if you didn't know you were waiting for that moment I think deep down you probably were. Thanks to the Ducks and Co. Mounts and Followers mod, you can now ride enormous ducks, chickens, pheasants, pigeons, and other large birds around in Skyrim.

As far as I can tell the giant birds don't actually fly, as all of the mod's images simply show them on foot. But I think there's something almost more appealing about riding a giant duck around in Skyrim when it doesn't take flight and flap around. Just strolling through Riften or Solitude on the back of giant duck, you know?

With the mod installed, head to Farengar in Whiterun (he's in Dragonsreach), and purchase the 18 modded spell tomes from him (they're all called Summon, with the name of each particular bird after them). There's also a 19th tome to dispel the giant summoned bird if you get sick of it, which is something I can't quite imagine.

A few of the mounts have baby birds, too, so in addition to riding a giant duck you'll be followed by a smaller (yet still relatively giant) duckling. There are more than just enormous ducks and chickens, too, as you can see on the list of birds below:

  • Mallards
  • Pigeons
  • Chickens
  • Roosters
  • Wood Ducks
  • Pheasants
  • Seagulls
  • Flamingos
  • Peacocks
  • Great Auks

You can find Ducks and Co. mod, by gg77, on its page at the ever-useful Nexus Mods site. Some of the birds were made by MihailMods. Make sure to read the installation and load order instructions before riding your giant duck around Skyrim.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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