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XCOM 2's wilderness areas look nice and varied

XCOM 2 Cottage

February 5! Have you marked that date on your calender? Why not? OK then, buy a calendar. No, it doesn't matter which one...yep, that one with the funny cats is just fine. Now write 'XCOM 2 is out!', and underline it three times—also remember to make a note of your Nan's birthday. XCOM 2 is out February 5, which is ages away, but to satiate your turn-based hunger in the meantime, Firaxis and 2K have released a bunch of new images.

Last week, they showed off the gleaming Advent cities, and this week they're showing off XCOM 2's wilderness environments, which vary from woodland areas to frosty scrubland and deserty bits. Can't you just see yourself taking cover behind that car, taking the occasional potshot at some hissing, slithery alien?

XCOM 2 Advent Tundra

XCOM 2 Arid Junkyard

XCOM 2 Arid Station

"Wilderness maps in XCOM 2 are easily recognized by their dilapidated buildings and overgrowth," sayz Firaxis/2K. "You may encounter some ADVENT architecture, but the administration’s hold on the Wilderness areas is tentative at best."

Also: "The Wilderness maps not only provide us with a different backdrop from the iconography and propaganda of ADVENT territory but, in many situations, more open and clear lines of sight during engagement. Keep in mind this won’t be the case during every Wilderness encounter though, as the forests and rundown buildings are still prime locations for an ambush from a waiting ADVENT patrol."

XCOM 2 Temperate Cabin

XCOM 2 Temperate Waterfall

XCOM 2 Tundra Advent

XCOM 2 Tundra Station